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Value added products
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The company also sells other local Rarotongan specialities prepared from the finest locally grown ingredients.

Blue Pacific is dedicated to providing the very best to its customers and since its inception has launched its own range of new products designed to bring something different to the market place.

Among the innovative choices available are smoked flying fish – nicknamed South Seas kippers – which have already become a local favourite. “They taste just like kippers and are great product,” says Jack. Another new idea is fish sausages which Blue Pacific is currently trialling, with the help of experts from overseas. Based on tuna meat the sausages are a delicious alternative to regular fish fillets or your normal banger.

These ‘value added’ products are at the core of the Blue Pacific’s philosophy to bring the delicious taste of the South Seas to your table.

“It is all part of what we want to do there,” explains Jack. “We have been focusing on value added products – something a little different.” The company hopes that with products like these backing up the quality fish being caught in local waters Cook Islands seafood will be able to make a name for itself in the regional market.

But there is more to Blue Pacific than just fish-based product – you can also find delicious Polynesian and Cook Islands specialities like rukau (taro leaves in coconut cream) made from locally grown ingredients for sale at the shop.

Fish sausages
Smoked flying fish
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